Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

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What is the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC?

Buy Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021 is the latest operating system build that is specifically designed for embedded and IoT devices/systems with a 10-year support lifecycle. Unlike traditional Windows operating systems like Windows 10 Home or Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC is catered for professional-use embedded applications. It has dedicated appliances like LTSC (long-term service channel), more control over certain Windows features, and has removed miscellaneous features like Cortana, games, etc. for a smaller disk footprint. Some examples of embedded applications where Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC is used are: kiosks, digital signage, factory automation, smart manufacturing, mobile/in-vehicle edge computing, and more.

Why do Industrial Computers Use Windows 10 IoT? 

The main reason users use Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021 in their industrial computers is to have full control over the operating system. There are many cases where users use a traditional general-purpose build of Windows for their industrial application and run into malfunctions due to automatic system updates and system failures. These costly events can cause detrimental downtime in mission-critical scenarios. Windows 10 IoT allows users to gain full access to Windows update scheduling, controlled boot, and other features that benefit the stability and reliability of their industrial computers.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 Features

Device Management & Windows Updates

Windows 10 IoT gives users the ability to install its OS in almost any device, big or small, with a minimum storage requirement of 16 GB by using compressed file installation. In small form factor applications, a micro-SD card is used to install Windows 10 IoT on various devices. The reason why Windows 10 IoT is different from traditional general-purpose Windows 10, is that users can control when Windows can update. Users can schedule when the computers can reboot and update during specific hours, or completely disable au tomatic Windows Updates so each update is manually configured. Although not suggested, users can completely disable Windows Update. These features prevent industrial computers from randomly updating Windows and causing slowdowns or, in worse cases, malfunctions during mission-critical operations.

Kiosk Mode

Windows 10 Iot provides users with a Kiosk mode for any fixed purpose devices like ATMs, digital signage, medical equipment, and so on. Kiosk mode essentially restricts access to various system functions and boots the kiosk app in fullscreen. This feature gives users a more streamlined experience by providing only the necessary information and functions, while having tamper-proof security due to the kiosk app overlaying the Windows lock screen.

Buy Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

There are two types of kiosk modes that is offered: single-app kiosk and multi-app kiosk. Single-app kiosk mode is primarily used for single-purpose devices such as self-service kiosks and digital signage displays. This mode does not have a start menu and boots right into the application in fullscreen. Meanwhile, multi-app kiosk mode allows for two or more applications to be locked onto the device. This mode will have a start menu and multiple login accounts, each account having different permissions to access necessary apps. This mode is useful for a device that is shared between employees with distinct positions.

Advanced Lockdown Features

There are two key features that allow organizations to customize which applications are best fit for their devices, WDAC and Applocker. Windows Defender Application Control or WDAC, gives organizations control over which applications and drivers are to be installed on the device. This deters potential attackers from tampering with the device due to heightened administrative privileges and a digital signing process to acknowledge each user’s permissions. Applocker is what drives the multi-app Kiosk mode by restricting access to different applications depending on the user’s profile and permissions.

Soft Real-time

Windows 10 Iot Enterprise LTSC 2021 enables soft real-time capabilities by introducing CPU isolation and priority levels. This feature allows the CPU to efficiently mitigate processing power to various tasks that have different priorities. Rather than having tasks completed at a specific time, there is a lenient small window of time for program completion. The user is capable of reserving CPU cores for specific real-time processes for a more seamless user experience and effectively prioritize which tasks require more attention to complete.

Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows

Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows, or EFLOW, gives users capabilities to execute Linux-based workloads with Windows 10 IoT. Users are now able to access the vast amount of cloud-native analytic solutions built using Linux with a Windows IoT OS. EFLOW breaks the decision-making factor on choosing edge devices by unifying compatibility and device OS support specifications with Linux.

Buy Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

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